The Association of Salmon Fishery Boards is the representative body for Scotland’s 41 District Salmon Fishery Boards (DSFBs) including the River Tweed Commission (RTC), who have a statutory responsibility to protect and improve salmon and sea trout fisheries.

Conservation of fish stocks, and the habitats on which they depend, is essential. Many DSFB’s operate riparian habitat enhancement schemes and have voluntarily adopted ‘catch and release’ practices, which in some cases are made mandatory by the introduction of Salmon Conservation Regulations. Provisional data for 2013, indicate that the overall catch and release rate for salmon was 80%, rising to 92% for spring salmon. The catch and release rate for sea trout was 77%. ASFB create policies that seek where possible to protect wider biodiversity and our environment as well as enhancing the economic benefits for our rural economy that result from angling.


ASFB works closely with Rivers and Fisheries Trusts of Scotland, the representative body for all Fishery Trusts in Scotland.  Fishery Trusts play a key role in scientific monitoring of fish populations and education.

Image by Brian Davidson