Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries (Consolidation) (Scotland) Act 2003

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Part 1 methods of fishing and offences related to fishing

            Methods of fishing

1.         Methods of fishing: salmon

2.         Methods of fishing: freshwater fish

3.         Use of gaff, tailer or landing net

4.         Meaning of “rod and line”

            Offences related to fishing for salmon and freshwater fish

5.         Prohibition against using explosive and other noxious substances for the destruction or taking of fish

6.         Fishing for salmon without right or permission

7.         Illegal fishing by two or more persons acting together

8.         Taking of dead salmon or trout

9.         Illegal possession of salmon or trout

10.       Offences in relation to passage of salmon

11.       Fishing in waters where fishing rights owned by one person

12.       Contravention of protection order


            Close times for salmon

13.       Weekly close time for salmon

14.       Fishing for salmon during annual close time

15.       Removal of boats and nets during annual close time

16.       Buying and selling salmon in close time


            Close time for trout

17.       Annual close time for trout


            Offences related to sale, purchase and possession of salmon and trout

18.       Unclean salmon

19.       Salmon roe

20.       Possessing salmon which have been illegally taken, killed or landed

21.       Packages of salmon or trout to be marked

22.       Size limit for selling trout


            Protection of young salmon

23.       Young salmon and spawning beds

24.       Unauthorised introduction of salmon or salmon eggs into certain waters


            Offences in relation to the Solway

25.       Fixed engines in the Solway

26.       Fishing without legal right in the Solway



27.       Exemption from certain offences in respect of acts done for scientific and other   purposes: salmon

28.       Exemption from certain offences in respect of acts done for scientific and other   purposes: fish other than salmon

29.       Exemption from certain offences in respect of certain acts in relation to salmon

30.       Exemptions in relation to fish farming


            Regulation of salmon fisheries

31.       Salmon fishing: general regulations

32.       Exception from regulations with respect to the construction of dams, lades and    water wheels

33.       Salmon fishing: regulations as to baits and lures


Part 2 Administration of salmon fisheries


            Salmon fishery districts

34.       Salmon fishery districts

35.       Designation orders

36.       Estuary limits


            Conservation measures

37.       Annual close times for salmon

38.       Salmon conservation regulations



39.       Procedure for making orders and regulations under section 33 and this Part


Part 3 District salmon fishery boards


            Proprietors of salmon fisheries

40.       Qualified proprietors and upper and lower proprietors

41.       Sole proprietor in a salmon fishery district



42.       Mandatories


            District salmon fishery boards

43.       District salmon fishery boards

44.       Financial powers and duties of district salmon fishery boards

45.       General powers and duties of district salmon fishery boards

46.       Proceedings of district salmon fishery boards

47.       Tenure of office


Part 4 Administration of freshwater fisheries

48.       Increased availability of, and protection for, freshwater fishing

49.       Appointment of wardens to secure compliance with protection order

50.       Powers of entry and obstruction of wardens etc.

51.       Financial contributions towards organisations developing freshwater fisheries


Part 5 Enforcement

            Powers of constables and water bailiffs

52.       Grant of warrant to search premises or vehicles

53.       Powers of constables

54.       Powers of constables and water bailiffs to enter land

55.       Powers of water bailiffs

56.       General enforcement provisions not to apply in relation to protection orders


            Further provision as to offences

57.       Offences by bodies corporate

58.       Offences in relation to obstruction


            Powers of court

59.       Power of court in trial for an offence to convict of another

60.       Forfeiture

61.       Defences

62.       Jurisdiction in respect of offences committed on sea coast or at sea

63.       Disqualification of justices


Part 6 Miscellaneous


64.       Power of Scottish Ministers to conduct inquiries and to obtain information

65.       Additional powers in respect of licensing and regulation of salmon dealing

66.       Application of Leases Act 1449


Part 7 General


67.       Application of this Act to the Crown

68.       Orders and regulations

69.       Interpretation

70.       Consequential amendments, repeals and revocations

71.       Short title, commencement and extent



            Designation orders, estuary limits orders, annual close time orders and regulations   under sections 33 and 38

1.         Designation orders

2.         An application under paragraph 1 above shall be accompanied by…

3.         Estuary limits orders

4.         An application under paragraph 3 above shall be accompanied by…

5.         Annual close time orders

6.         An application under paragraph 5 above shall be accompanied by…

7.         Salmon conservation regulations

8.         An application under paragraph 7(a) above shall be in writing…

9.         In the application of paragraphs 10 to 15 below to…

10.       Common provisions with respect to orders

11.       (1) Before making an order or, as the case may…

12.       At any time, the Scottish Ministers may alter the proposals…

13.       Making of designation, annual close time or estuary limits order or salmon          conservation regulations

14.       (1) If any representation or objection duly made is not…

15.       After considering the report of the person appointed to hold…

16.       Applications under this schedule may be communicated and stored electronically….



            Election and co-option of members of district salmon fishery boards

            Part 1 Meeting of qualified proprietors

1.         Calling of meeting

2.         (1) At a meeting of proprietors called—

3.         (1) In accordance with the following provisions of this Part…

4.         (1) In the co-opting of representatives of salmon anglers and…


            Part 2 Membership

5.         (1) The members of the committee shall be members of…



            Provisions as to making, variation and revocation of protection orders

1.         Making of protection order

2.         The notice to be given under paragraph 1 above shall…

3.         The Scottish Ministers may direct that, in addition to publication…

4.         If no representations or objections are duly made, or if…

5.         (1) If any representation or objection duly made is not…

6.         After considering the report of the person appointed to hold…

7.         As soon as may be after a protection order has…

8.         Paragraph 7 above shall apply to an order varying a…

9.         (1) Before the Scottish Ministers make an order revoking a…

10.       The Scottish Ministers shall cause to be published each year…



            Consequential amendments, repeals and revocations

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