Salmon Pledge News Update

Scotland’s wild fish interests invited all candidates in the 2011 Holyrood election to sign a pledge committing to protect wild salmon and sea trout. The Association of Salmon Fishery Boards (ASFB) and the Rivers and Fisheries Trusts of Scotland (RAFTS) issued the invitation on April 15th and 50 candidates signed the pledge of which 19 were elected.
The following candidates signed the pledge (those elected are shown in bold)

  • Richard Lochhead (SNP): Moray
  • Mike Pringle (Lib Dem): Edinburgh Southern
  • William G Walker (SNP): Dunfermline
  • Dennis Robertson (SNP): Aberdeenshire West
  • Elaine Murray (Lab): Dumfriesshire
  • Colin Davidson (Lab): North East Fife
  • Victor Clements (Lib Dem): Perthshire North
  • Mike MacKenzie (SNP): List – Highlands & Islands
  • Euan Robson (Lib Dem): Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire
  • Hugh Campbell Adamson (Con): Angus South (List – North East Scotland)
  • Edward Mountain (Con): Caithness Sutherland & Ross (List – Highlands & Islands)
  • Hugh O’Donnell (Ind): List – Central Scotland
  • Andrew Page (Lib Dem): Renfrewshire North and West
  • Peter Kennerley (Con): Carrick, Cumnock & Doon Valley
  • Ettie Spencer (Lib Dem): East Lothian (List – South of Scotland)
  • Margaret Burgess (SNP): Cunninghame South
  • Rod Campbell (SNP): North East Fife
  • Colin McGavigan (Con): Clydesdale (List – South of Scotland)
  • Kirsten Robb (Green): List – Central Scotland
  • Jamie McGrigor (Con): List – Highlands & Islands
  • John Lamont (Con): Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire
  • Drew Hendry (SNP): List – Highlands & Islands
  • John Scott (Con): Ayr
  • Aileen Campbell (SNP): Clydesdale
  • George Kerevan (SNP): List – Lothian
  • Kevin Stewart (SNP): Aberdeen Central
  • Eleanor Scott (Green): List – Highlands and Islands
  • Clare Adamson (SNP): List – Central Scotland
  • Jason Lingiah (Con): Coatbridge and Chryston
  • Chris Donnelly (Con): Linlithgow (List – Lothians)
  • Sheila Low (Con): Edinburgh Northern and Leith
  • Steen Parish (Green): List – West of Scotland
  • Sarah Boyack (Lab): List: Lothians
  • Ewan Aitken (Lab): Edinburgh Eastern
  • Clive Sneddon (Lib Dem): Angus South
  • Alan MacRae (Lib Dem): Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch
  • Mark Ruskell (Green): List – Mid Scotland & Fife
  • Hilary Charles (Green): List – Mid Scotland & Fife
  • Bruce Bennett (Green): List – Mid Scotland & Fife
  • Andrew Thomson (Green): List – Mid Scotland & Fife
  • Roger Humphry (Green): List – Mid Scotland & Fife
  • Iain McGill (Con): Edinburgh Central (List – Lothians)
  • Eileen Baxendale (Lib Dem): Glasgow Cathcart (List – Glasgow)
  • Aileen McLeod (SNP): List – South Scotland
  • Martin Ford (Green): List – North East
  • Roseanna Cunningham (SNP): Perthshire South and Kinross-shire
  • Alistair Campbell (Con): Renfrewshire South (List – West Scotland)
  • Tavish Scott (Lib Dem): Shetland Islands
  • Shona Robison (SNP): Dundee City East
  • Joe FitzPatrick (SNP): Dundee City West
  • Chris Ballance (Green): List – South Scotland


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