ASFB work with the Institute of Fishery Management to facilitate training as part of our on-going commitment to promoting best practice in fishery management and enforcement in Scotland. In addition to the Bailiff Training Module run by IFM in conjunction with ASFB, there are a number of accredited courses which meet the training needs of our sector and are designed to ensure that all those involved in fishery management or enforcement are trained to operate at a high standard. Below is a summary of other organisations in Scotland who deliver training designed to meet the needs of fishery management in Scotland.

IFM BAILIFF TRAINING MODULE (Scotland only) – IFM Scottish Branch work with ASFB in delivering the Bailiff Training Module. This is a stand-alone module which is mandatory for individuals who wish to be appointed as a water bailiff in Scotland. Bailiff appointing authorities (DSFBs and Scottish Ministers) require successful completion of this module before appointments can be made. Read more about the course HERE

SVQ and DEGREE COURSES – (Scotland only) – Inverness College have developed Scottish Vocational Qualifications level 2 & 3 in fisheries management and aquaculture. As well as the full SVQ, individual units may be taken as work- based modules. For more information on the SVQ courses, contact Murray Stark at  The Rivers and Lochs Institute, working within UHI, also promote study in environmental science through undergraduate degrees and postgraduate studies – for more information click HERE

SFCC – (Scotland only) –The Scottish Fisheries Co-ordination Centre provides a mechanism for fisheries managers to standardise data collection and storage methods. Software development is co-ordinated in a cost-effective manner and members are supplied with spatial data relevant to the freshwater environment. The SFCC also provides a facility for balanced scientific analysis of available information and encourages informed discussion of fisheries issues for both local management and national policy decisions. SFCC delivers training in the following areas:

  • Electrofishing
  • Habitat surveying
  • Scale reading
  • GIS
  • Database Design
  • Statistics
  • Fish Autopsy
  • Smolt/fish counting

Read more about the SFCC and the training courses on offer HERE

IFM CERTIFICATE AND DIPLOMA COURSES (UK-wide) – IFM have developed a range of distance learning courses as well as specialist one and two day courses in various subjects. These include:

  • Electro fishing
  • Estuarine and marine fish identification and monitoring
  • Biosecurity for fisheries
  • Freshwater fish identification
  • Effective engineering in fisheries
  • Fishery management

The distance learning courses have been running for over 20 years and include the one year certificate and two year diploma courses – more information below:

Certificate course – click HERE

Diploma course – click HERE

The Institute are also able to advise on careers in fishery management – for more information – click HERE

LANTRA (UK –wide) Lantra, in conjunction with ASFB, IFM and others in the sector have developed a comprehensive list of National Occupational Standards (NOS) for the fishery management industry in Scotland. These describe the skills and activities relevant to roles in fishery management. NOS provide valuable information to employers such as the Boards, trusts and others to develop job descriptions, training and recruitment plans. They help to highlight what skills are missing in your organisation and find the most relevant training and learning you need.

Click on the links below to view various Lantra resources relating to training and careers in fishery management.

The NOS can be viewed HERE.

Lantra have also prepared a summary skills assessment of fishery management – it can be viewed HERE

See leaflet on a career pathway HERE

Read more about Lantra HERE

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